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1. The Supervisors shall have a general oversight of the duties of the
Attendants; they shall spend their time chiefly in the wards, and they
shall see that the rules prescribing the duties of the Attendants,
towards the patients, are faithfully observed, that the patients are
well treated, and in all respects properly cared for; they shall, in an
especial manner, have the oversight of the sick, and see that watchers
are detailed for such as require it.

2. They shall have the care of the clothing of the patients, and the
bedding, table linen, towels, etc., of their respective divisions. On
the arrival of a patient at the Institution, whatever clothing is
brought shall be committed immediately to the Supervisor of the division
to which the patient is sent. A clothing account shall be opened for
each patient, in a book provided for the purpose, in which shall be
entered every article brought to the Institution, including what may be
on the patient's person, and, also, whatever may afterwards be received
or purchased for the patient's use.

3. Money, jewelry, or other valuables, shall be brought to the office
for safe keeping--except where their retention by the patient is
expressly permitted by the Superintendent or Assistant Physician. On the
discharge, or removal, of a patient, the clothing in his or her
possession, shall be carefully compared with the clothing account of
said patient, that any losses may be discovered or accounted for.

4. The clothing belonging to the patients, in each division, shall be
deposited in a room, set apart for the purpose, the key of which shall
be in custody of the Supervisor, and, at some particular hour of the
day, the Supervisors shall be in attendance in their respective clothing
rooms, to exchange, or supply, such clothing as the wants of patients
may require, and Attendants are enjoined, not to call on the
Supervisors, for that purpose, at any other times, if avoidable.
Clothing required for daily use, shall be kept in the ward closets.

5. The Supervisors shall have charge of the sewing rooms, and when any
patient is in want of new clothing the fact shall be reported to the
Supervisors, who will receive instructions from the Superintendent in
regard to its supply. No clothing shall be purchased out of the Asylum,
if it can be manufactured in the sewing rooms.

6. The Supervisors shall be careful that the clothing of patients is
adapted to the season, and especially to see that patients are not
suffered to go out, either for exercise or labor, without a careful
inspection of what is worn.

7. All articles belonging to patients, shall be legibly marked, and the
Supervisors are expected to see that the clothing of each patient is
devoted to his or her use, and to the use of no other.

8. The Supervisors shall see that each patient is supplied with a full
change of under clothing once a week, and that their outer clothing, and
all bed clothing, is changed as often as their strict cleanliness shall

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