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1. The Library of the male department shall be under the charge of the
Supervisor. Every volume taken therefrom shall be charged to the
borrower, except for the use of the patients, when it shall be charged
to the Attendant, into whose ward it is taken, who will be responsible
for its being used with ordinary care and returned in proper time.

2. If a volume shall be lost or destroyed, by any patient, the
Attendant, having charge of the patient, will report the fact to the
Supervisor, and, if practicable, exhibit the fragments. If lost or
destroyed, by any other person, it must be replaced.

3. No one will be permitted to take from the library more than one
volume at a time, or to keep a volume more than two weeks, without
permission from the Superintendent or Assistant Physician, except
Bibles, Testaments and Prayer books placed in the hands of the patients
for daily reading.

4. The Supervisor will be responsible for books taken from the library
and not charged.

5. The Library of the female department will be under the charge of the
Matron, who, in its management, will be governed by the above rules,
prescribing the duties and responsibilities of the Supervisor.

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