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1. The duties of the Watchman will commence at half-past seven o'clock,
P. M., at which time he will visit the office to receive instructions
for the night.

2. He is expected, while on duty, to be faithful and vigilant; to visit
every part of the male department, and the outer walls of the female
department, at least every hour during the night, making as little
noise as possible, never conversing in a loud tone, and opening and
shutting the doors as quietly as possible.

3. He is expected to be kind, gentle and soothing in his manners to the
patients, and use every means in his power to tranquilize those who are
excited, and to allay the fears and apprehensions of the timid; he will
pay particular attention to the sick, the suicidal, and those recently
admitted; will see that the patients are properly supplied with water,
when it is asked for, and will attend to all other reasonable wants;
will notice any unusual noise in the patients' rooms, endeavor to
ascertain the cause, and, if necessary, report the same to the
Attendant; he will notice anything unusual occurring during the night,
and enter the same on a slate provided for the purpose, and he shall
report any irregularities, neglect of duty, or violation of rules, which
may come under his notice.

4. It will be the duty of the Watchman to look after the heating
apparatus during the night; he must be very watchful against fire, and
in case of its occurrence, must report immediately to the Superintendent
and officers without giving general alarm; he shall keep the hose and
fire-ladders always in good order, and in readiness for use; he shall
ring the bell at the hour for rising in the morning, and he will be
expected to perform such other duties as may be required of him. At six
o'clock A. M., he will be relieved by the Porter, and his services will
not be demanded again till the time for duty in the evening.

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