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1. The Steward shall have a general oversight of the business of the
farm, garden, grounds, fences and buildings; he shall assist in
maintaining the police regulations of the Asylum, observe the deportment
of those employed in subordinate positions, see that they do their duty,
and report to the Superintendent any instance of neglect or misconduct,
that he may observe, or of which he may be informed; he shall see to the
opening and closing of the house; that the employees rise and commence
their duties at the ringing of the bell, and return at proper season at
night; that the bell is rung promptly at such hours as may be
designated, from time to time, by the Superintendent. He shall have a
general care of the male patients, see that they are kindly treated,
that their clothes are taken care of, that their food is properly
cooked, served and distributed, that the rooms, passages and other
apartments are kept clean and properly warmed and ventilated, and that
every thing pertaining to the Asylum property is kept in order and in
good repair.

2. The Steward shall receive and store all provisions, fuel, clothing,
etc. provided by contracts, and, also, all supplies purchased under the
direction of the Superintendent, and he will be held responsible for the
safe-keeping and economical distribution of the same.

3. He shall keep just, accurate and methodical accounts of all articles
received, and all articles purchased by him, together with all
distributions of supplies to the several departments of the
Institution--each and every day's accounts exhibiting, in detail, the
number, quantity weight or measurement, as the nature of the case may
be, of each and every article received, and from whom, and distributed,
and to whom.

4. On the receipt of supplies, whether obtained under contract, or
purchased by order of the Superintendent, the Steward shall require a
bill or invoice of the same, and if, upon a careful examination of the
quality, quantity, weight or measurement of the article or articles,
they shall be found to correspond with the item or items of the bill, he
shall enter the aggregate amount, with the date and number of the
invoice, in a book provided for that purpose, after which he shall
endorse the bill correct, and file it, together with an abstract of
his daily disbursements, in the office of the Superintendent.

5. The Steward will be expected to devote his whole time to the
interests of the Institution, assist, in every way in his power, to
preserve order in the house, and faithfulness among the employees, and
see that all the rules and regulations of the Asylum are fully observed.

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