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1. The Gardener, with the aid of such patients as can be taken out for
that purpose, shall have the care of the orchard, garden, and grounds
around the Asylum and Physician's house; he shall have charge of the
cultivation of the vegetables, fruits and flowers, and he will be held
responsible for their safe keeping and delivery at the Asylum, as
directed, from time to time, by the Superintendent or Steward.

2. He shall keep a pass-book, in which shall be entered by the Steward,
the number, weight or measurement of the products of the garden and
orchard, delivered from time to time, to the Asylum and Physician's
house, together with an accurate account of the time employed by the
patients in his department of labor, and he shall report the same at the
office every Saturday evening.

3. As the fruits and flowers are intended for the use of the patients,
the Gardener is enjoined not to permit visitors or employees to pluck,
or otherwise disturb them, without permission from the Superintendent
or Assistant Physician.

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