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1. Visitors and others will be permitted to visit the Institution on any
day, except Sunday, between the hours of 10 A. M. and 3 P. M.

2. No visitor shall be admitted within the wards occupied by the
patients, without express permission from the Superintendent, or
Assistant Physician. And especial care must be taken that no amount of
visiting is permitted in the wards that might prove injurious to the

3. Visitors are expressly forbidden to furnish any inmate of the Asylum
with tobacco in any form; or to deliver to, or receive from a patient,
any letter, parcel, or package, without the knowledge and approbation
of the Superintendent, or Assistant Physician.

4. Those having charge of patients are particularly enjoined to abstain
from mentioning to visitors the names of those in their charge, their
peculiarities, or any other circumstances, a knowledge of which might be
painful to persons connected with them.

5. Visitors are respectfully requested not to disturb the flowers and
fruit in the Asylum garden and grounds.

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