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1. The Carpenter, who is also Engineer, shall have charge of the
work-shop, tools, etc., belonging to his department of labor; he shall,
with his Assistants, who will be subject to his direction, attend to the
repairs, alterations, and improvements made under the direction of the
Superintendent or Steward; he shall also have charge of the
engine-house, and tools connected therewith, and will be expected to run
the engine as often as may be necessary to keep a full and ample supply
of water in the tank for the daily and nightly use of the Asylum.

2. He shall keep a book in which shall be entered the amount of lumber
used, and the time employed by himself and Assistants, together with the
time employed by the patients, upon each item of labor in his
department; he shall also keep, in the same book, the amount of fuel
consumed, and the running time of the engine in pumping water, and in
sawing wood and lumber.

3. He shall make a report to the Clerk every Saturday night, showing all
the business and labor of his charge during the week.

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