1. The meals of the patients shall be served promptly at the following


Breakfast. Dinner. Supper.

December, }

January, } 7 A. M. 1 P. M. 7 P. M.

February. }

March, }

April, }

May, } 6 1/2 A. M. 12 1/2 P. M. 6 1/2 P. M.

September, }

, }

November. }

June, } 6 A. M. 12 P. M. 6 P. M.

July, }

August. }

2. The Attendants are required to see that their patients are properly

prepared for their meals; that their faces are washed, hair combed, and

clothing adjusted, that each may present a cleanly and orderly


3. At meals the Attendants shall always be present to carve, to

distribute the food, to see that each one has a proper supply, and that

they all take their meals in a proper manner. Each shall be supplied

with such liberal allowance as the nature of the case may require, but

all waste, gluttony, or improper habits at the table shall be mildly

checked by the Attendants. They shall be allowed time to take their

meals at leisure--habits of eating differ, and all (the old

particularly) should have time to eat without hurry.

4. Food that has been handled, or rendered unfit for use, shall be sent

back in a receptacle provided for the purpose, but whatever is fit to be

served in another form shall be carefully laid aside for future


5. Some very plain food should be kept in the dining-room closets, for

the use of those whose meals may have been interrupted, or for old

persons, or for convalescent patients, who sometimes require food

oftener than under ordinary circumstances.

6. Care must be taken that no patient carries away from the table a

knife, fork, spoon, or any article of food, and, to be sure of this, the

knives, forks and spoons should be counted after each meal, and search

be made for any lost article.