1. The Farmer, under the direction and control of the Steward, shall

have under his immediate charge, the lands used for farming purposes;

the farming implements, the horses, cattle, hogs, chickens and produce

of the farm, together with the hay, grain, straw, etc., purchased and

delivered at the Asylum.

2. He will keep a book, in which, under the head of GENERAL ACCOUNTS, he

will charge the farm with, the
wages paid for labor, and the labor

performed by the patients; the cost of farming implements; the amount

paid for blacksmithing; the grain, hay, bran, shorts, straw, etc.,

received; and all other articles or items, of expenditure for farming

purposes. Under the same head, he will credit the farm with all products

received; with the labor of himself and hands in making fences, gates,

putting up buildings etc., together with all articles which may be sold.

3. He will also keep, in the same book, separate accounts under the

following heads--FOR THE ASYLUM: FOR HOGS: FOR CATTLE, ETC. On account

for the Asylum he will charge every article of produce, grain, hay,

straw, etc., together with the pork, beef, veal, chickens, etc.,

delivered from time to time, to the Steward, for the use of the Asylum

and the Physician's house; and credit the Asylum with every article, of

whatever nature or kind, purchased by the Steward and placed in his

keeping. On account for hogs he will charge--amount paid for sows, pigs,

shoats, etc.; amount paid for grain fed per day; amount paid for

butchering; and amount paid for any expenses not included in the above.

He will credit the number and weight of hogs sold, and the amount of

pork supplied. On account for cattle he will charge--amount paid for

cattle purchased; amount paid for grain, hay, shorts, bran, etc., fed

per day, and the amount of any other expenditure incurred for cattle. He

will credit--the quantity of milk and butter obtained daily, and the

number and weight of cattle fatted and killed, including the hides and


4. As the Farmer will be held responsible for the safe keeping of all

grain, hay, straw, bran, shorts, cattle, hogs, horses, farming

implements, or anything else connected with the farm, the Steward will

see that no such article is left at the Asylum, unless received by

himself in person, or by the Farmer.

5. The Farmer will be careful to confer often with the Steward in

reference to all matters pertaining to his charge, give timely notice as

to all his wants, and he will be expected to be faithful and industrious

in the use of every means in his power, to render the farm productive

and profitable to the Asylum.

6. He shall make a report, embracing all the business transactions of

the farm, whenever required to do so by the Superintendent or Steward.