1. The Matron shall have charge of the female department of the Asylum.

It will be expected of her to be with the female patients, in all the

wards, as much as possible; see that they are kindly treated; that their

food is properly cooked, served and distributed; that their apartments

are kept clean and in good order, and properly warmed and ventilated;

that the female employees attend to their duties in all respects, and

/> report to the Superintendent any departure, on their part, from the

rules and regulations of the Institution.

2. The bedding, table linen, napkins, and drapery furniture, carpets,

table covers, and all similar property of the female department, as well

as the clothing of the female patients, shall be under her general care

and supervision. She shall direct the employment and amusements of all

the inmates of the female wards; in short, it will be expected of her to

look frequently and carefully into every interest connected with her

department; and thus, by devoting her whole time to the Institution, aid

in every way in her power, in securing the comfort and recovery of the

patients, and the general welfare of the Asylum.