Assistant Physician


"The Assistant Physician shall perform" the "duties, and be subject to

the responsibility of the Superintendent, in his sickness or absence,

and" he "may call to his aid, for the time being, such medical

assistance, as he may deem necessary"--"and perform such other duties as

may be directed by the Superintendent and prescribed by the

By-Laws."--[State Law of 1858.


He shall prepare and superintend the administration of medicines, visit

the wards frequently, and carefully note the condition and progress of

individual cases; see that the directions of the Superintendent are

faithfully executed, and promptly report any case of neglect or abuse

that may come under his observation, or of which he may be informed.


He shall assist in devising employment and recreation for the patients,

and endeavor in every way to promote their comfort and recovery; keep

such records of cases as the Superintendent may direct, assist in

preparing statistics, and conducting correspondence, and he shall

perform such other duties of his office as properly belong thereto.